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Let your reputation speak for you. As you progress through your Prism journey you will continuously build-up your on-chain reputation - through successfully completing jobs, helping fellow community members, and participating in governance decisions. Get ready to level-up.

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Pick from Europe’s up-and-coming freelancer talent and growing startups. Our network is highly curated to ensure each freelancer and enterprise is fully vetted, trusted, and verified.

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Prism is yours. Play your part in building Europe's largest decentralised community-owned talent network. Share in the upside of the network growth through the $PRSM token. Drive the change that you want to see in the world by participating in our governance through $BRCK soulbound token, promoting the values of a supportive, inclusive community.

Anonymous, so you Can be you.

Diversity & Inclusion remains a huge challenge, that’s why our profiles are anonymous. Employers can ask you for your data, and pay you for it.

Build your profile, your way. Choose to share your full-name & work history, or ‘go anon’ and let your reputation speak for itself

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For Talent

PRISM is tailored to freelancers’ unique professional journeys with a focus on long-term growth. We help freelancers land jobs at startups that align with your values and where you can build your reputation as an early-contributor. PRISM then helps you maintain upward momentum to secure more, better opportunities.

Learn from a community of experienced freelancers

Connect with a network of vetted, up-and-coming startups

Own your professional identity, data, and career

Build a verified reputation for jobs completed through the PRISM

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For companies

A decentralised workforce provides early-stage startups with overhead flexibility. PRISM connects startups with talented freelancers who offer unique skills, on-demand but off-payroll, helping you reach your next milestone faster.

Connect with a network of vetted, quality talent

Receive personal referrals, cutting time-to-hire

Build a verified reputation to attract future employees

Earn a stake in the success of the platform 

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“I can't wait to put my reputation on the blockchain for all people to see.
- Matthew Studdert, Developer
“To have an opportunity to invest in some top talent I know would be brilliant. I love connecting great people with roles.”
-Alicia Gomez, Connector
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